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MaxSea Time Zero


You are many sailors, fishermen or regatta sailors to have been seduced by the development efforts of MaxSea which uses the most recent technologies for its new generation of Time Zero Techonology software.

Nautical cartography is merged with satellite photos and 3D data to bring you an always more efficient navigation aid.

In order to make the best use of the software's performance, we offer you two days of further training on navigation functions but also on advanced modules such as safety routing, anti-collision in connection with AIS, management of weather files, interfacing with the onboard electronics....

This Time Zero session is animated by the best professionals of the embedded computing approved by MaxSea and who are the

co-developers of the software on a daily basis.

Training program


Day 1 - AM

9 AM

Welcome: coffee / presentation of the sailors

Which computer to choose for MaxSea ?

How to get all the navigation data according to my navigation equipment.

Installation of the software.

Installation of the different data supports (nautical, satellite, 3D).

Choose my cartography

How to upgrade my configuration and options during a trip.

Be comfortable with all primary navigation functions: routes, waypoints, bearings, tides, currents.


Day 1 - PM

Overlaying the different data layers.

Using 3D.

Saving my information for reuse.

Practical exercises


Day 2 - AM

Connect my software to my navigation instruments, satellite phone...

Set up the data I want to use.

Using Time Zero to inform my autopilot

Integration of AIS data: how to use the anti-collision functions.


Day 2 - PM

Offshore routing: how to use weather files and exploit them

Practical exercises: from GRIB weather file request to safety and performance routing.

Radar overlay, 3D navnet, what electronic configuration is needed?