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Resulting from Adrena software's experience in offshore racing, Octopus has been specially designed for long distance sailing with unique features.

Offshore sailors know that for better comfort and an optimal security during the trip, it is essential to anticipate their navigation.

Adrena has deployed all its expertise to design a powerful and unique routing system.

It is always possible to choose the fastest route, but the user can also choose the desired navigation (the fastest trajectory, the most comfortable, the most economical in fuel, etc.).

Octopus also gives the possibility to choose your departure or arrival time. With one click, the user knows at what time to leave in order to arrive on time at his destination, to avoid a gale or to be off a coast at night (graphic display of the day/night alternation). Reassuring!

Your boat's real polarities

We always talk about our polars when we talk about routing, but who really disposes of the polars adapted to his own boat, taking into account his set of sails, his load, his way of sailing.

Octopus assists the user in the creation of his speed polars as he sails. A unique function for cruising which allows a more precise routing corresponding to the real potential of the boat.

Anchoring help

Octopus includes a graphical anchoring assistance module. The user can visualize at a glance the expected conditions at the place where the anchor will be dropped (weather at anchor, height of water expected according to the tide in order to adjust the chain height, etc.). An intuitive and efficient tool to anticipate your stopovers with peace of mind.

Safety, MOB and Alarm

For more serenity during your trip, many functions related to safety are present in OCTOPUS such as MOB, AIS or alarms (MOB, AIS, anchorage, arrival on shore and personalized alarms: depth, wind force and direction, etc.)

Octopus is one of the few navigation tools where you can differentiate the sound of the MOB alarm from other daily alarms, giving a real emergency character to a man overboard alarm.

Main functions

-Vector and raster maps

-Waypoint and route management

-Calculation of the optimal route by automatically avoiding coastlines

-Mixed sail/motor routing

-Graphical module for anchoring assistance

-Assistance in creating speed polars and sail use ranges

-Calculation of the boat's real polars

-Routing analysis functions

-Taking into account night navigation in the routing

-Graphic display of day/night alternation

-GRIB and email download up to 16 days,

-Custom alarms (water depth, wind strength, wp, etc.)

-MOB and AIS detection, alarms